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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Comes in a Double cd/dvd jewel case with 4 page booklet and back insert in full colour .
    NEW ALBUM BY BABAL FEATURING A CD AND A DVD "From the opening Psychedelic journey through Toffeetime (a studio jam turned sticky and stretchy), we go to the Witches night on the mountain with "The Brocken", then past sirens sweetly singing in "The Lorelei", bashing and crashing into a studio re-mix of "Speed" (Alex Daw navigating crazily on hair-pin bends and zipping into oil-slicks on the straights); then a most sultry and meteorological mapping of "Weather" (which incarnated at Carnival Records, Malvern courtyard( thanks Chris Heard , two summers ago); then it's onto the wagon with "Sobriety" (thanks Ted Marshall) ending with a plangent ballad of landlack amongst the working class "Buy me an Acre of Land". Not your average CD by any standard! All we ask is that you open your mind and ears and go into the rabbithole with us.....Happy Listening xxxx (also comes with a DVD; "The Lorelei", "What Shall we Do?" (live at The Fleece),"Sobriety"; "Toffeetime"(Live at Sonic Rock Solstice,thanks Dave Roberts); "Lockstep" (filmed/edited by Tom Lee Rutter,; "Speed", "Selling Spontaneity/Endless Re-Run Society" (live at The Fleece); and Endless Re-Run Society (film version). Plus extras featuring Mimi VogelThanks also to Harry Collison for the amazing photography,and Haris Roussos, for the skilful layout and typography. Love love and love xxx

    Includes unlimited streaming of SINGULAR ADVENTURES IN POST-MODERN CAPITALIST SOCIETY via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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They sort of got stuck on each other; like two toffees on a cinema seat. Blending and melting and re-forming into something new - One Big TOFFEE! ; a toffee you could trust, that wouldn't let you down! Taking out dogs on a Sunday - cleaning the garden TOOLS It all became R E G U L A R. The BRAN- FLAKE continuum, lived and experienced, as the AMERICAN SCREAM! AS THE AMERICAN SCREAM - continued to howl, with each shrieking VOWEL!! Another toffee landed in the GUTTER and wasted away!; a cancerous scabby dog - searching for scraps, unloved and limping, Past the shiny automobiles, shiny diners, shiny shopping malls, SHINY SHOPPING SHIT-PITS! All tarnished now with the toffee papers of the original toffees - the ones who sort of got stuck on each other, Like TWO TOFFEES - on a Cinema Seat! Better as one whole than two ROTTEN HALVES, Better the security of HELL than the HAVE-NOTS and the HAVES. Toffee dreams stretching right out - into the DESERT, up into the CLOUDS, down into the VALLEYS, shimmering on the SEA, Toffee dreamtime for URBAN ABORIGINES in CHINOS and CAPUCCINOS and MEANY-MINY-MEANOS. Down in the gutter is where they live; the real dreamers, the real dreamers, Toffee time is finished, toffee time is over, no more toffee, no more toffee, toffee time is over. No more toffee! Author: Karen Langley
Walpurgisnacht, Brockengespenst. Valley mist arising, glory all around, Brocken spectre glowing, making not a sound. Maps can bring no solace as you seek to find a path; take me on the journey, there'll be no coming back. Brocken lights are shining, celebrating Spring, man can see the giants, slowly closing in. My own shadow on swirling mists; Halo human as giants live. Windward home and fleeting glimpse; I trace my steps back to the place; madness grips the creeping mists, there is no going back...... Nothing left to lean on, just a broken wall; come to watch the shadows, dancing as they fall; Valley mist arising, glory all around, Brocken spectre glowing, making not a sound. Windward home........... Ghost of a colossus on the mountainside; inhabiting the valley as the demons take a ride. Brocken lights are shining, celebrating Spring, Man can see the giants, slowly closing in, in,in,in,in.... Windward home....... (x2). Author: Karen Langley
Secure, in the armour, of their famed ambivalence; the Sirens coil, like hungry leopards - at the water's edge. Come up and see us sometime; Come up and see us sometime - slinks Lorelei - swimming elegantly, to the centre of the lake. Nothing here, just us fishes, nothing here just us fishes She lies, she lies, she lies - easily. With a wet smile, she dives into - the boiling, bubbling whirlpool, That cancels the tentacles of time; that are waiting to wrap around your stupid LEGS, that hold up your stupid BODY, on its' stupid SPINE, on its' stupid SPINE! That was once attached to a thinking mind, that was once attached to a thinking mind, that was once attached to a thinking mind..... And you are sinking with the stories! Silent, staring upward - toward the glittering SKY Chopped up and BLUE, holding the SUN - you will never FEEL again! The key of the LOCKER is your willingness to DROWN; the song of the LORELEI, continues to sound, continues to sound, as the fog comes down, as the fog comes down....... (BREAK) EACH NOTE CUTS THROUGH THE FLESH AND BONE, REMEMBERED FROM THE MORTAL FLOOD; EACH NOTE CUTS THROUGH THE FLESH AND BONE, THE NOTES CUT THROUGH THE FLESH AND BONE! WITH YOUR FLESH AND BLOOD......... Author: Karen Langley
Skysweat; a wet haze; perpetual wet slime, Dripping cover, whispered rain, droplets Caught in a dry storm, caught in a dry storm, caught in a dry,dry,dry,dry,dry,dry storm. The gravity swoop of immense elemental power. A shedding of excess heavenly fluid, a thought-stopping libation; a meat and potatoes deluge; sheets of cosmic tears, Crowdsplitting! Enveloping earth moves. Whipsnapper-treesnapper-whipraker-skinstripper Temporary layered frozen geometry. Iced clingfilm, devils scorn, quiet bleakness, diamond dust.... katabatic wind, anabatic wind. glory defraction of sunlight. Sea smoke, steam fog, sea smoke, steam fog..... Steady winds fall from the stars, mercury transition, rising slowly, hurricanes, twister. Winds moving in counterclockwise direction. Trade winds, trade winds, trade winds, trade winds....... Author: Karen Langley
Woke up legless, hammered, brained, kippered Drunk as a skunk, pissed as a newt; in pleats, MANGLED, Had a few drinks! PLASTERED One over the eight; three sheets to the wind, three sheets to the wind, three sheets to the wind....... Feeling fragile! I got the mother of a headache! Mouth like the bottom of a cage, pissed as a FART! Bottom of the barrel, bottom of the barrel...... Top of the morning, top of the morning! Have one on me! Why don't you have one on me? Have another, have another, have another, have another, have another, have another, have another, have another..... Keep it simple, keep it to your chest; don't pick up the glass, don't go down into that mess! A day at a time, a day at a time, a day out of time, a day out of time...... Halleliluja, Halleliluja........ Just for today, I'm just for today...... Author: Karen Langley
Thou must buy for me an acre of land, beyond the salt sea and the yellow sand Thou must plough it over with a horses horn, and sew it over with a peppercorn Thou must take it up in a bottomless sack, and bear it to the mill on a butterfly's back. And when these works are finished and done, I'll take and marry thee under the sun..... Buy me an acre of land, buy me an acre of land....... (But we have cupboards full of hate and mistrust) There is plenty for everyone! This green ball, floats us through the heavens, the field is the floor; the garden is our bed. Wind - sows the seed Sun - evaporates the sea Rain - feeds the plant Plant - feeds the beast. Ocean of air above, Ocean of water beneath, Endless circulations of divine charity, Buy me an acre of land. Author: Karen Langley


released March 3, 2016


all rights reserved



BABAL England, UK

One speaks and a thousand misunderstand
where millions are silent and a thunderous applause erupts
where chatter overwhelms humility and gossip destroys worlds
the tongues wag, the ears flap and the mind creates a wall
everything has been said but no one has understood
talking with conviction and concluding that knowledge is easy and effects a multitude of expanding smokescreens around truth
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